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workplace wellness

Image by Shane Rounce

what we do

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential workplace service that is available for employees for the betterment of their overall wellness. It is a valuable service and provides an avenue for employees to reach out for help. It also helps employees to stay focused on their duties at the workplace, keep productivity and performance high, and genuinely improve the employee’s well-being in the process.


  1. Counselling/Therapy
    Individual, couples or family counselling are available based on the needs

  2. 24 hours hotline support
    A deliciated 24/7 support for employees for a brief moment and further referral to the clinicians as needed

  3. Career Coaching for Executives 

  4. Psychometric Profiling
    For individuals or teams to understand more about personality and the integration within the working environment.

  5. Onsite Crisis Support available in the event of Bereavement, Mental Health, and restructuring situations 

  6. Talks/Workshops as such Workplace issues, mental health, couples, family, and self-development will also be available. For specific topics, it can be explored further based on the needs-based analysis. 

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