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The traditional notion of wellness is often conceptualised as just the physical and mental well-being.  As a result, it becomes relatively narrow in its approach to addressing the whole person.

For that reason, MCS engages in the holistic wellness archetype and offers services under the following pillars:  Mental-Emotional, Physical, Self-Management, Family, Relational-Social, and Workplace. 

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Mental & Emotional Wellness

are vital for the overall functioning

of a healthy individual.

These help the employees increase

the overall motivation and healthy emotional vibes, to better manage stress as well as to enhance their decision-making capacities. 

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Family Wellness is the bedrock of the ecosystem which includes spousal, parental, and extended relations. More often than not, we see employees bringing negative energy to the workplace as a result

of domestic matters, and this greatly impacts work productivity.

Thus, it is crucial to provide avenues to address these concerns. 

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Physical Wellness is the state of positive health that enables one

to perform the daily needs of life.

 Apart from savings in healthcare cost, it also brings energy to your workplace and mindsets which perceive situations in a more positive and solution-based manner.

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and social



Relational & Social Wellness refers to the ability to make connections and maintain them appropriately. Having supportive friendships aid in emotional stability during stressful moments. Hence, learning the essential skills of nurturing, and building supportive friendships becomes one of the key pillars in

the holistic wellness of the individual.  

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Self Management Wellness


Self Management Wellness is primarily about managing lifestyle habits such as time and financial management that help to release the greatest potential within you. This is a need that is often neglected and undervalued.

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Workplace Wellness is an essential part of an adult life because

he/she will spend at least 8 hours daily at work. Therefore, having healthy employees will yield higher productivity, lesser absenteeism, lower health costs, and finally attract & retain top talents

to the organisation.

wellness through

artistic expressions

Art is a special medium which provides a safe expression of unspoken emotions, inner thoughts and unconscious memories. These non-verbal expressions have the power to bring about self-awareness and healing, crucial in restoring holistic wellness in every one of us. 

Rest-Art is our artistic approach consisting of facilitated and therapeutic art sessions. Our trainers provide a conducive environment to help one to be more at ease in expressing emotions and thoughts. These have been specially curated and complements the six pillars of wellness.

 Painting session 

How does it work? >

Projective Painting allows individualsto surface experiences and memories from their unconscious mind to reality. It is a facilitated journey

of slowing down and rediscovering one’s inner self. 

 CLAy session 

How does it work? >

Contemplative Clay is a therapeutic process that aims to help individuals

to relax and contemplate, and to regulate emotions through the kinaesthetic and sensory experience with clay.

 Candle making 

How does it work? >

Creative Candling session creates that space for self-expressions, a space to rest and realign, to rekindle back creativity amidst the stresses of life.


How does it work? >

Meaningful Marbling is a play of colours, patterns and flow to help individuals clear the noises in life and find meaning in beautiful mess through a guided session.

 a Plush 

How does it work? >

Preserve a Plush is a plush creating session for a fun yet renewing experience to help individuals ponder on their creation and passion.

 pass a plush 

How does it work? >

Pass a Plush is our initiative to benefit underprivileged children. Individuals experience the joy of creating while expressing love and care through giving their plush to children in need.

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