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Relational & social


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what we do

Healthy relationships are a vital component of health which data indicated the following:


  1. Longevity is correlated to a strong social connection

  2. People with healthy relationships respond better to stress with healthier blood pressure

  3. Endocrine and cardiovascular functioning is within the healthier range with a strong social network

  4. It increased the immune system’s ability to fight off infectious diseases


Social Skills Training (SST) is used to improve social skills in people who may have difficulty building relationships and sustaining them. It also involves the modeling of appropriate social behaviors with behavioral rehearsal, role play, and involves practicing new skills during therapy in simulated situations. Corrective feedback is used to help improve social skills during practice with positive reinforcement is used to reward improvements in social skills. A usual mode of reinforcing the concepts learned through the weekly homework assignments that provide the chance to practice new social skills outside of therapy

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