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Physical wellness

Image by Shane Rounce

what we do

  1. Nutrition is important to provide a healthy lifestyle that focused primarily on diet and healthy eating. The right amount and types of food are related to the overall functionality of the individual.

  2. The NovoTHOR Light Therapy Pod uses PBM Therapy (Photobiomodulation) where infra-red rays permeate and stimulate the body’s mitochondria to reduce oxidative stress and increase energy. By aiding the speed and quality of tissue regeneration and repair, reducing inflammation, and inducing analgesia, the receiver benefits from a rapid recovery, enhanced pain management, and a greater ability to perform.

  3. Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation focuses on the assessment and specific treatment on the dysfunction areas of the individual through the uses of education, manual physical therapy, and other methods. Areas of focus such as back/neck pain sports injury, neurological, geriatric, vestibular, cancer, and cardiac.

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