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family wellness

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what we do

With the gradual increase of divorces throughout the years with a shorter lifespan of 6.6 years–2008 as compare to 19 years–1990, it is alarming to see the spike. In recent years of constant awareness, there is an increase in the lifespan of the marriage of 10.2 years–2018 (Dept of Statistics Singapore, 2020). It is then important to pay close attention to the core of human relationships. In addition, the support and training make available for parents in journeying with the next generation ease off some uncertainty in the ever-evolving of their descendants.  


  1. Pre-martial Workshop enables the couple to understand the various dynamics within their relationship and prepare pragmatically for the transition to married life. In the preparation phase, it is vital to use appropriate psychological tools such as Prepare/Enrich, Gottman Approach, & T-JTA for the initial assessment

  2. Couples Relationship Workshop primarily seeks to enhance the journey as a couple and tackle issues commonly known in a marital relationship

  3. Parenting Workshop aims to equip employees in dealing with issues of parenting and balancing workplace performance with the focus on some of the areas such as

  • Discovering the love language of communication between parents and child

  • Helping your child to manage screen time

  • Talking about sex through the various development stages

  • Exercising positive parenting

  • Positive conversations with your teens

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