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Wellness Programs

Customised to meet the needs and sizes of different organisations, our Corporate Wellness team will partner closely with you to bring about wellness across six areas of your employees’ lives.
We want to empower your employees to be healthy holistically, to bring their best performance to the table, and to cultivate an optimal working culture and environment. Feel free to chat with any of our professionals to find out more.
Image by Alexander Redl

This program focuses on the fundamentals of mental-emotional needs of the team and an exploration of team dynamics in the workplace. This is aided with self-discovery and emotional regulation through artistic workshops such that one thrives better in the workplace. Wellness is not simply the absence of illness but intentional care for the self in the mental & emotional domains.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

This program focuses on the trio relationship between the body, mind and soul of individuals in the team. A comprehensive approach with an emphasis on adequate counselling support, emotional liberation through artistic expressions, and better management of self and body.

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

This program is an integration of the 6 key pillars of mental-emotional, physical, self-management, family, relational/social, and workplace. Together, these will develop your team members in their overall health and wellness. An individual that is holistically healthy and balanced is highly vital for dynamic contributions to the goals of the company.

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